Making Beats Again – Grapemaster Fire Beat


Just made another one:

I've been making a lot of beats, this is just one of the beats I've been making using loops from Looperman. I used the following loops:

Drippinsopretty Brakence – SKI – Kelly Moon

Kelly Moon and her amazing power chord guitar riff started out the beat just right.

Added Kelly's awesome guitar riff on top of two other loops I found on Looperman

I also layered another of Kelly Moon's loops

You can hear this loop a bit more clearly as the guitar drops off from the intro!

The base loop is by N9NTHGRADE who I've sampled from before. It's the loop up top in the previous picture.

N9NTHGRADE makes great trap loops.

His loop is called Angels – Lil Durk X Oz. It sounded just eerie enough to use as a base. I love it, and it all came together. Hope you like the beat.

I then dropped a comment on all 3 videos for extra exposure!!

Finally finished off by commenting on the guitar by Kelly Moon!

Be sure to check out my post on the 11 reasons I love Looperman – and a few tricks to grow using it.

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