Produce Hits, Reap the benefits

Sometimes it just feels better to win.

Producing Hits

What is a hit production? That's what I ask myself as I ponder over this domain I've chosen to reign over, about producing hits.  What is producing?  Is it when you go to the grocery store and buy vegetables?  And fruits?

For me producing has been about creating hit music, and me bringing that to the table and meshing that with what you have to offer, and what my staff has to offer.  

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Simple is the best

So make the most out of what you've got now.

You have to methodically keep at it.  Producing a hit is like stoking a fire- you can't let it go out.  Stay motivated to keep producing.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Aim High

If you aim a cannon high, do you think you might hit your target?  Stop aiming low because then you have no chance.

To The Top

Always imagine what it would be like to be on top of the hit making world.  Is that something you'd like to do?


There's amazing innovations in marketing, music theory, recording techniques.  Hit making is down to a science.

Release the dog

I don't mean that literalily - unleash yourself!

Produce A Lot

For me I've produced a lot of music.  A hit doesn't have to be music; it can be something else. Movies, cinema has been the answer for a long time for many people, and certainly joining forces with movie production is good.  Let it be known I don't have much experience with video, but my team does and that's all that matters.

Just make sure you are very in tune with what you need to do to create a hit.  What is a hit?  

A hit is in the mind of you.  How did you see this song doing, what did it do for you.  And what kind of social status does it garner because when it comes to making hits, it's about you and the fans.  How do they see it?