A commitment to innovation and sustainability

Études is a pioneering firm that seamlessly merges creativity and functionality to redefine architectural excellence.

A passion for creating hit music

Produce Hits is founded by Ben Saxe, a musician/producer from Berkeley, California. His passion is producing hit music.

Music with a passion

The saying goes do what you love- the money will follow.

A blog with a personality

Interact with us at Produce Hits, we are a relatively new organization with a long time in the industry.

Building out applications

We look to provide the music world with utilities and apps, sound packs and more.

Consulting and Education

Providing educational materials and consulting for issues that may arise in producing music.

Industry Navigation

There certainly are ways to go about succeeding at well-defined goals.

Making Waves

It all starts with a single sound, and blossoms into a hit song and production. Let’s work together.

A plethora of resources

We aim to cover many aspects of the industry like sound/loop packs, kits, blog material, courses, links to resources, promotional guidance, networking, availability for consulting and much more…

The Elements Of A Hit

  • Getting your sounds right
  • Exposure to the right people
  • Managing success and royalties

Produce Hits Newsletter

  • Up-to-date industry information
  • Anecdotes from successful producers
  • Exclusive access to hit producing materials.

“Produce Hits has been a figment of my imagination up until now. Now it’s finally here, and I’m building this community with your help.”

Ben Saxe

CEO, Produce Hits

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